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What is EMS Computer Software?

Posted on November 11, 2020

BY FieldMed

Stepping into the world of EMS software may seem overwhelming. There are plenty of options and add-ons for EMS reporting and patient care programs. 

And that’s not to mention the countless acronyms and technical terms for each piece of software. 

So what is EMS software?

On a basic level, EMS software is as it sounds: a computer program that’s designed for emergency medical service providers. 

In reality, EMS computer software is much more. EMS software combines digital record keeping and efficiency into a single program that lets first responders do their primary job -- treating patients. 

A Closer Look at What EMS Computer Software Is

EMS software streamlines processes commonly used by first responders and brings innovation into the field.

EMS software improves:

  • Patient charting
  • Data analysis
  • On-scene response 
  • Billing
  • Patient care 

EMS Software Is Real-Time Record Keeping

During patient interaction, EMS charting software can be a first responder’s best friend. 

Designed to work with a first responder, EMS software follows your workflow. From capturing and logging treatment information to having the right form exactly when you need it, EMS software is a digital assistant that’s always on the clock.

When patient interactions are completed, an ePCR (electronic patient care records) system automatically archives newly completed patient charts -- there’s no need to go back and transcribe handwritten notes and file them away. Finalizing patient reports is a breeze. Accessing patient charts is instantaneous, too. 

EMS Software Is Data Driven

EMS software makes patient care reporting simple. ePCR software can easily and quickly be downloaded and provided to the next person in their line of treatment. 

Depending on your EMS software’s capabilities, data collected from patient interactions can be compiled into a single report to identify trends and performance metrics, such as:

  • Response time
  • Patient treatments
  • Medication administered
  • Patient demographics 

This information -- presented in a simple and digestible format -- is invaluable for EMS providers as they examine operations to make improvements, find new efficiencies, or identify health trends

EMS Software Is Accessible 

From desktop computers at dispatch centers to mobile devices used in the field, EMS software is readily available when you need it. It’s ambulance software and office software. 

It’s also available to all users on your system. That means everyone on your staff has access to the same information and is using the same forms. Any time the software is updated -- whether you implement a change or it’s required by your provider -- the adjustment needs to be made once before going live system-wide. 

EMS Software Is Versatile 

The right EMS software meets the new demands of modern healthcare or those of your department as they come up. 

Customized templates and fillable forms, as well as government-required reporting metrics, can quickly be added to keep operations and data collecting running smoothly and in compliance.  

In times of crisis, EMS software can be adapted to the situation, such as bringing telemedicine to each and every call. 

Through telehealth, patients are connected with doctors and specialists instantly on-scene. In most cases, this means a patient doesn’t need to leave their home when an EMS technician calls in the reinforcements. 

By treating patients in the home, not only are they saved from costly hospital admission bills, but ERs and their staff are also freed up for true emergencies.

EMS Software Is Billing Simplified 

While first responders deliver patient care, EMS software begins the billing process. As patient care is logged, that same information is automatically added to your digital invoice forms -- with the correct medical coding. 

When it’s time to submit invoices to insurers for reimbursement, the process is much shorter -- medical bills are just waiting to be finalized. And if a fillable form field is blank or there’s a coding error, the software lets you know, saving you from time-consuming reimbursement rejections by insurers. 

EMS Software Is Patient-Centric 

Though designed for the first responder, EMS software is ultimately meant to provide patients with the best care experience possible. 

By eliminating holdups in treating patients -- such as clunky interfaces or convoluted forms -- first responders can focus on treating the patient. In emergency situations, those few extra seconds the right EMS software affords can make all the difference to a patient’s life. 

What Is EMS Computer Software? A First Responder’s Next Favorite Tool

Though relatively new in the world of emergency medicine, EMS computer software is changing and improving the work of first responders.

What is EMS software? 

A tool that works side-by-side with EMS technicians for better patient outcomes. 

Learn how FieldMed’s EMS/911 software brings all the benefits of EMS software to your agency.