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Everything First Responders
Need in the Field. The first truly streamlined software platform
for first responders.

We’ve made capturing critical patient data in the field intuitive for the first time,
so you can focus on what matters most— life-saving patient care.

FieldMed EMS/911 provides simple data capture that’s designed to follow the sequence of emergency events, combined with powerful analytics to help optimize EMS and fire departments.

Tailored to fit.

The First EMS Platform That Gets Out of Your Way

Designed in partnership with former first responders and department leaders, FieldMed EMS/911 is the first platform that’s made for the way you work.


Simply Designed to Follow Your Journey

No more complex, burdensome and visually confusing data capture platforms in the field. FieldMed EMS/911 is simple and designed to move with you naturally through the steps of a call from start to finish.


Fully Customizable to Your Needs

Have specific metrics your department or private EMS agency wants to measure? Add them to your call reporting template and input them on the fly while taking calls.


Easy Touch-&-Dropdown Interface

Instead of manually typing information in the field, FieldMed EMS/911 allows you to select from common responses in a matter of seconds.


Flexible and powerful.

Customizable and Fully Integrated. The Way Data Capture Should Be.

EMS incident data capture platforms shouldn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Make FieldMed EMS/911 work for you with powerful customization and integrations.


Customize Your Platform Based on Your Needs

Add necessary fields from your existing FieldMed EMS/911 workflow, ensuring that you have all of the data entry points you need and none of the ones you don’t.


Integrates With Other Platforms

FieldMed EMS/911 is designed to fit perfectly into your current workflow, and that means working with your existing platforms and software solutions.


Data Import from Existing Software

With FieldMed EMS/911 our onboarding team can work with you to import cases from your existing system so that you still have access to the data that is important to you.


Remote patient care. Included.

Powerful Telehealth Built to Serve Patients

Telehealth is about giving patients greater convenience. Shouldn’t your telehealth service be…convenient?


No App Required for Patients

FieldMed lets you contact patients without requiring them to download an app. Simply send them a custom link via email or SMS, then chat with them directly wherever they’re most comfortable.


Provide Basic Care Remotely

Telehealth is a booming service that sets your department or private agency apart, providing vital patient care whenever and wherever patients need it.


Save Costs and Unnecessary Calls

Telehealth, included in the FieldMed app, doesn’t just expand your service offering— it reduces your costs by eliminating unnecessary in-person visits.



Discover how the FieldMed patient reporting system can transform patient care and your bottom line today.


Why FieldMed

Community health programs have been instituted in over 500 cities nationwide. FieldMed is the first platform designed specifically to serve these programs.


Integrated Calendars & Appointments

Manage your schedule in a monthly, weekly, or daily view. Set appointments instantly, then reschedule or cancel them with a tap.


Patients Overview

See a global view of your patients and their info. Filter your list by patient status, next appointment, or medical facility.


Detailed Vitals and Labs Tracking

Track blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, temperature, weight, and more. Instantly see how metrics are tracking overtime to understand your patient’s evolving health and needs.


Intuitive & Streamlined Interface

Menus, functions, and views are all where you expect them in a clean and highly visual interface that lets you input information quickly.


Task Tracker

Quickly assign tasks to specific team members. Group them by patient, set priority levels and deadlines, and get updated when they’re completed.


Detailed Patient View

Get a complete overview of a patient, including associated tasks, visit summaries, specific needs, location, vitals, lab results, notes, and relevant files.


Instant Syncing & Mobile-to-Desktop Optimization

Access a full-featured mobile app at appointments and in the field. Data syncs instantly across devices and from mobile to desktop.


Full HIPAA Compliance

Patient data is securely stored and fully compliant with all medical privacy laws.


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