Community Health

Better, More Efficient Local Care

Community health programs (CHP/MIH) offer a framework for communities to give patients basic care in-home

This reduces drain on resources like ambulances, fire trucks, hospital rooms, equipment, and person-hours while providing more personalized care to members of the community.

Traditionally, individuals in the community have limited options when it comes to time-sensitive medical needs. This means that minor emergencies often result in major costs to EMS, hospitals, and community fire stations.

Each time someone calls 911 for medical help, trucks and EMS teams are deployed, hospital resources are allocated, and costs quickly stack up. This is particularly true when it comes to high-risk, low-income members of the community with health conditions that make them likely to make multiple calls like these in a short span of time.

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FIELDMED reduces drain on resources

Community health is the alternative.

It involves a small team of certified professionals and a truck or van outfitted with basic medical equipment, often housed at the local fire station. Medical calls that don’t require an ambulance or hospital visit are routed to this team, which then makes in-person visits to patients’ homes to administer care.

These teams can also be proactive, conducting check-in phone calls and visits to continuously monitor the health and wellness of members of the community. This includes those who have been recently discharged after hospital stays, reducing the number of repeat visits and helping patients stay on track with their post-stay care.

FIELDMED reduces drain on resources

FieldMed is the first platform designed specifically to serve community health programs, which have already been deployed in over 500 cities nationwide.

Conceived and designed in collaboration with CHP/MIH pioneers, first responders, and community health experts, FieldMed features powerfully streamlined workflows, advanced data tracking, and full compliance with HIPAA and other patient privacy regulations.


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