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FieldMed Launches EMS/911 Software Module

Posted on September 30, 2020

BY FieldMed

FieldMed Launches EMS/911 Software Module

When treating patients in an emergency situation, time and accuracy matter. 

Taking down patient notes or navigating complicated EMS software distracts from a paramedic’s ability to focus on patient care. And after a call is completed, recording patient data is burdensome and time consuming. 

FieldMed’s new, cloud-based EMS/911 EPCR module streamlines emergency response paramedics’ workflows in the field.

How Emergency Paramedics Benefit From FieldMed’s EPCR Software 

FieldMed’s EMS/911 EPCR software system stands apart with powerful functionality behind a simple, easy-to-use, and familiar interface

Like FieldMed’s highly praised Community Health module, the EMS/911 software boasts several key features for first responders and the medical community: 

  • Efficient data capture 
  • Seamless software integration
  • Customization  

Data Capture

When using the module, emergency response paramedics are able to focus more time on patients. 

A comprehensive solution, the software provides easy-to-use electronic reporting capabilities to collect all necessary data while treating a patient. The EMS/911 module eliminates paramedics’ need to take handwritten notes for transcription into a software program or navigate a complex EMS software system during an emergency response.

What’s more, the data recorded is easily reported to NEMSIS, the national database used to store EMS data.

Software Integration 

As no two first responder agencies are the same, FieldMed’s software is designed to immediately function seamlessly with existing hardware and patient care tools for cross-platform data capture integration.

  • Mobile devices
  • Desktop computers
  • Computer-assisted dispatch
  • Municipal in-house reporting programs

Current users of FieldMed’s Community Health software will have the ability to easily switch between the two platforms based on the nature of each call, providing a complete solution for 911 response and Community Health paramedicine.


Built with the paramedic in mind, the EMS/911 module can be tailored to meet an EMS agency’s specific data recording needs. 

Working with the FieldMed team, the software can be adapted to include:

  • Document templates for any type of emergency response call  
  • Form field changes
  • Electronic documents not included in the standard set, such as a patient refusal form 

Once integrated into an EMS agency’s operations, FieldMed remains a constant partner and is able to continue customizing the 911 software as needs arise.

EMS/911 EPCR Module: Improving Patient Outcomes

While EMS providers see a simplified and efficient workflow in the field, the new EPCR software’s biggest beneficiaries are patients

As they are receiving treatment, a patient has the full attention of a paramedic. Precious seconds are no longer lost to searching for a pen or taking down notes during an ambulance ride. Data collected is then logged and easily accessible to the next person in a patient’s course of treatment. 

Looking to simplify EMS record taking and workflows? 

Visit to learn more about integrating FieldMed’s EMS/911 software module into your agency.